Oh boy.
I’m really terrible at breaking up with people.
I go in first, emotions numbed, thinking that it won’t be so bad — just gotta get it over with quick.
I never really have any more words planned beyond that single defining sentence.
About half-way through I begin to doubt myself.
And by the end of the conversation I’m left wondering what is right or wrong or up or down.
Relationships are hard. :/

Would you really want to be good at breaking up with people though?

Eventually, my hair will look like this.

Eventually, my hair will look like this.



brilliant, never before seen fantasy ideas!!!!

  • allegories for racism using white people and some race of mythical creatures who are all also white people
  • allegories for lgbt*qia identities using someone being cursed or a werewolf and they are still a cishet…



More fun Quiet shots, this time from Colossalcon. All courtesy of the talented M1Photo, who you can find on Flickr or Facebook! The guy managed to make mid-day harsh sunlight work, and any photographer knows that’s no easy feat.

Reporting for booty

I am so down with all of this.

Shake it. Whoo! Yeah, shake that bubble butt, yeah! (x)


Performance for WILD TORUS at Bizzarre Bar-

I tied up my friend chickpea, and forcefed her meat, allowing audience members to join in on the fun while I bound her legs as well. Upon completion of performance, I dragged her off stage by her hair.

All set to this noise techno I made: https://instaud.io/private/fa2a1c755a0eba7ba34aa5e96ca82cad593e2010


Super brownie points to anyone who can figure out how I contributed to this endeavor.


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when they say youre too old for disney

The hop, I can’t. I cackled.

Sleeping beauty is fucking sleeping against the door I love it

MIA - YALA (Bro Safari & Valentino Khan Remix)
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man was never intended to go this hard